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Games for Windows Podcast (2006-2008)

Games for Windows Podcast

Welcome to GFW Radio, the podcast homepage for Games for Windows: The Official Magazine. Here, through the glorious magic of the Internet, you can listen to the GFW editors and occasional guests pontificate and yammer about all sorts of PC game related issues. Plus they might even break down on-air, adding an element of tension to the whole affair.


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In the final LAN Party of the year, the gang talks Christmas wishes, old-ass PC games, and a bunch of other unusually (even for us) random stuff. See you in 2009!
It's the last episode of GFW Radio, as Shawn departs for greener pastures and the rest of the Brodeo packs up and moves on to the next town. For the first time ever, we take calls from the community...which also happens to be the last time ever. Thanks for your support for the past couple of years! Length: 3:02:58
Shawn, Ryan, Anthony, and Robert are all here for Jeff Green's final Brodeo. Among cherished memories you'll find discussion of Spore, Demigod, and Far Cry 2, and the finer merits of "Dorito Dust" are debated. Length: 2:07:56
The guys spend some quality time with Battlefield Heroes, then lament being unable to talk about any other game they've been playing. Length: 0:55:56
The fallout from Anthony Gallegos' resignation from GFW Radio, impressions of Space Siege and EA games, and a live candy-eating experiment from the mind of Shawn Elliott. Length: 1:30:51
In an extra-special extra-long extra-everything giant mega podcast, brought to you by the makers of Yoda Milk, the GFW Radio crew welcomes two (2!) very special guests: Robert "Dr Max Chill, PhD" Ashley and, Gamers With Jobs cool dude (and frequent contributor) Julian Murdoch, who converse with Shawn, Ryan, and Jeff on a variety of topics, both off and not. In this week's grab bag of nonsense: a protest against America's Army, a protest against Diablo 3, a lovefest for...
Jeff, Shawn, Ryan and Anthony assemble to chat about The Wire, Grimm, Quake Live, selling Lich King beta keys on eBay, and Combat Arms. You are so respectable! Length: 0:55:30
The gang returns to a regular, post-E3 world of podcasting, and EA's Rod Humble, who happens to be the head of the entire Sims franchise, stops by to chat about Batman, IKEA furniture, and giving bad E3 demos. Length: 1:11:43
Relic's Mark Noseworthy (Dawn of War 2) drops by for the final E3 show. Topics include Dawn of War 2 (duh), Postal 3, and general closing thoughts on E3. Length: 0:34:02
Jeff returns from Europe and heads to a place that's decidedly not European: E3. He joins Shawn, Ryan, and Jen Tsao in remembering E3 with revisionist history, plus impressions of Dawn of War 2, Borderlands, Crysis Warhead, and Dragon Age. Length: 1:32:36
This week, it's Not GFW Radio, where Ryan Scott, Anthony Gallegos, and newly-rehired 1UP Editor Thierry "Scooter" Nguyen discuss Blizzard's Diablo III announcement and Microsoft's big GFW event. Length: 0:33:50
Host Jeff Green is gone on vacation. The inimitable Sean Molloy has moved away. But the Brodeo must go on, even if that means posing as a market study group, roaming the streets of Berkeley, and then recording more material in Robert Ashley?s bedroom. And that?s the spoiler-free version. Don?t miss this -- the most bizarre episode of GFW Radio ever. Length: 1:16:47
It's a podcast of laughter and tears, as the joys of Anthony's romantic pursuits is countered by the departing of Sean, who is off for bigger and better things, the dumb bastard. In other news, Jeff waxes poetic on Mass Effect PC, and, with ample warnings to turn the thing off, the group takes on Metal Gear Solid 4, complete with massive spoilers and the kind of analysis that only a peasant could love. All this plus Robert Ashley's astonishing dolphin impressions. Length: 1:44:35
This week, Shawn and Anthony found a guild city in Age of Conan but still need to purchase an outer wall -- won't you help? Also: Crysis Warhead examined, Lost theories expounded, Nexon's Combat Arms engaged, and more! Length: 1:58:16
An extra special bonus episode! Listen to Shawn's impressions of Relic's new real-time sequel, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn or War II. Length: 0:30:34
This week, the crew -- down one Jeff Green and up one Robert Ashley -- discusses developing a love/hate relationship with Trials II, innocence and creativity in LEGO Indiana Jones, and the connection between French rap and the upcoming S.T.A.L.K.E.R. prequel. Plus, more Age of Conan talk. If this episode seems shorter than normal, that's because there's more to come -- stay tuned for a special second podcast on June 6th. Length: 1:12:38
With Ryan Scott in Las Vegas for the annual Siegfried & Roy fan festival, GFW Radio is remarkably quiet this week, with Shawn, Sean, Jeff, and Anthony all too shy and scared to speak up. Okay not really. Still, a post-vacation low-key podcast ensues, with more tales of Age of Conan griefing, Sean's Penny Arcade Adventures impressions, and Jeff's 1-minute look at Civilization Revolution. Also: Jeff, in a moment of senility, forgets that he's not on a cartography podcast and goes into a long...
Professional videogame experts Crispin Boyer and Anthony Gallegos join the regular GFW crew to discuss the launch of Age of Conan, the Indiana Jones phenomenon, and why today's games is dumber than them ones from yonder olden times. Also: An exclusive first look at Ryan's crazy Lost theory! Who's in the coffin? You, the listener! Length: 1:31:41
GFW Radio supersizes this week with a big, fat, artery-clogging 2 hour plus wankorama featuring not just one but two of our regular special guests Robert "Dr. Maximum Chill PhD" Ashley and Anthony "Anthony Gallegos" Gallegos sitting in for maximum possible extra nonsense and immature potty humor. In this week's episode: The gang goes over some of the games seen at this week's "pre-E3" events, including a great PC showing by EA (Battlefied Heroes ,BattleForge, Left...
The full crew is back this week, plus the cure for your GFW Radio fever: Dr. Maximum Chill, PhD, here with the medicine you need. Yes, pour a glass of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage and relax to the mellifluous sounds of the Brodeo, as they fill your eardrums with the tender sounds of Age of Conan talk, Ryan's obsessive Team Fortress 2 farming, and...that game with the cars and the hookers and the killing. Yes, we weigh in on it. But this week only. Next week it's all about Cooking Mama...
With Shawn out again on a mysterious vacation, GFW Radio morphs into CGW Radio with the return of two former CGW (and later OPM) editors, Dana Jongewaard and Thierry "Scooter" Nguyen, as they join the gang for a couple hours of talk about....absolutely nothing! Games are discussed, Lost is discussed, online vs. print writing is discussed, and a scary bag of candy is eaten. Also, more wacky tales of CGW's past, like the time Dana taped Jeff into his office so he'd finally finish his...
With Jeff Green broadcasting from 2006, due to some kind of Lost-style time wormhole, GFW Radio welcomes former CGW staff member Elliott Chin, who shares some laffs and golden memories of the magazine's past. Then, in part two, the gang gets all serious with discussion of the "race question" in Resident Evil 5, along with other random topics, which may or may not include PC games. You got a problem with that? Blame Ryan! Length: 1:42:15
With the closing of GFW the print magazine today, the GFW Radio crew--Sean, Shawn, Ryan, and Jeff--gather for an impromptu online wake just hours after the announcement. No game talk or comics talk or Lost talk this week, kids. Just some straight-up processing and group therapy, with the kind of gallows humor you might expect from a bunch of guys who just lost their magazine. But the Brodeo lives on, and here's the livin' proof, goddamit! Length: 1:21:43
Host Jeff Green returns from the brink of oblivion after a bout with that superflu from The Stand, just in time to chat with Stardock CEO Brad Wardell about the state of PC gaming and stuff like that. Shawn reads a transcript from a recent Company of Heroes match, Flagship's Mythos is discussed, and everyone is insulted in this very special 100th episode of GFW Radio. Length: 1:45:22
On this spectacular, action-packed 100th episode of GFW Radio, we cancel the spectacular, action-packed 100th episode of GFW Radio. Jeff's out sick and nobody's been playing anything of note, so we're saving all the good stuff for next week. But in the meantime, get acquainted with the "time bullet" theory of Lost. Length: 0:11:02 03-19-2008 You want PC game talk? Well put this podcast in your collective pipes and smoke it. The regular gang of idiots is joined by returning guest idiot...
On this spectacular, action-packed 100th episode of GFW Radio, we cancel the spectacular, action-packed 100th episode of GFW Radio. Jeff's out sick and nobody's been playing anything of note, so we're saving all the good stuff for next week. But in the meantime, get acquainted with the "time bullet" theory of Lost. Length: 0:11:02 03-19-2008 You want PC game talk? Well put this podcast in your collective pipes and smoke it. The regular gang of idiots is joined by returning guest idiot...
Jeff "Scoop" Green goes to Blizzard to see StarCraft 2, but all he wants to talk about is their cool bathroom. Awesomesauce. Fortunately, all is not lost, as Dr. Maximum Chill, PhD, makes a house call to GFW Radio to educate us all about game boners, and what to do about them. Also up for discussion, a look at, an unpleasant new definition of DipRips that you won't be able to unhear, and an unruly digression into the messy circus that is Berkeley, California. Length:...
Jeff "Scoop" Green goes to Blizzard to see StarCraft 2, but all he wants to talk about is their cool bathroom. Awesomesauce. Fortunately, all is not lost, as Dr. Maximum Chill, PhD, makes a house call to GFW Radio to educate us all about game boners, and what to do about them. Also up for discussion, a look at, an unpleasant new definition of DipRips that you won't be able to unhear, and an unruly digression into the messy circus that is Berkeley, California. Length:...
Did you ever want to shoot things with your eyeballs, just like Cyclops in X-Men? Yeah, us neither. Still, we were excited to see a contraption at GDC that let you do just that, kind of. The GFW Radio crew, with mascot Anthony Gallegos in tow, discusses that and other mind-boggling technology in this Very Special Post-GDC Wrapup Podcast. Also, Shawn's first thoughts on Frontlines, Jeff's new love affair with Civ 4, Sean's obsesssion with Devil May Cry 4, and Ryan's AudioSurf playlist. F yeah!...
GDC Week continues with Erik Wolpaw and Kim Swift from Valve. Length: 47:00
On the first GFW Radio of GDC Week, we welcome Warren Spector of Juntion Point Studios and Paul Wedgwood of Splash Damage for a deep conversation about stealing books and coming up with the idea for The Da Vinci Code, among others. Length: 1:27:11
Jeff and Shawn go play Spore at Maxis and talk xenoevolution, "Spore-casts," and recent backlash against Will Wright's next big thing. Ryan chats up Sam and Max: Episode 2x03, and Sean/Shawn try to convince the others of the merits of graphic novelist Chris Ware. Added bonus: Anthony Gallegos from takes the fifth chair! Length: 2:11:05
The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things, including a whole bunch of Battlefield Heroes details, Valve's unveiling of SteamWorks (the company's digital distribution answer to the NPD), new Team Fortress 2 achievements, and how Savage 2 just may be the very essence of PC gaming. Plus, we go all Retronauts and fondly recalls Turok: Dinosaur Hunter for the N64 and Aquanaut's Holiday for the PlayStation. Huh? Length: 1:40:26
With the GFW crew experiencing serious deadline burnout, Dr. Maximum Chill arrives on the scene to inject the podcast with some actual energy. He only partially succeeds. Among the topics mumbled about: New Team Fortress maps, Star Trek Online and the viability of licensed MMOs, Puzzle Quest, and Ubisoft's "boycott" of EGM and GFW. Also: Shawn Elliott's scary stories from the frontiers of Second Life. Be very afraid! Length: 1:35:23
It's an epic two-hour gasbagathon, as the GFW Radio crew, loaded up on MSG, share, pontificate, cajole, and wheedle their way through more Game of the Year discussion, including a fierce debate on the level design of Half Life 2: Episode 2 versus ... Peggle. Huh? Also, Ryan goes ape**** over Puzzle Quest, and Jeff schools the kids on the backstory behind Mayor McCheese and the Hamburglar! Length: 1:53:08
It's the first brodeo of 2008, and what better way to kick things off than with a discussion about Theodore Roosevelt! Also, what we played over Xmas vacation, more Mario love, and even more disturbing Sonic love, courtesy of this week's Hero of the Web. Also, in a token nod to PC gaming, the art direction of TF2 vs. Bioshock is discussed. Even Eli knows to download now! Length: 1:17:52
In the final, epic brodeo of 2007, the GFW Radio crew pontificate, opine, rant, and whine for nearly two hours on all sorts of exciting topics, some of which include the Duke Nukem Forever trailer, the sad sales figures of Crysis and Unreal Tournament, the good and bad of Mass Effect, and the game that made Shawn Elliott use the word "delightful." Also, Jeff Green sees red over more bad game writing. And one GFW editor bids us all farewell. So laugh and cry with us as we kiss this...
It's a special Not Very GFW Radio this week, with Ryan, Darren, and Sean all slacking off for the holidays. Instead, special guests Robert Bobito Max Chill Ashley and Bryan I Can't Stop Yelling Inithar join GFWers Shawn and Jeff for 90+ minutes of rambling babble,.including more bad job stories, the sad uselessness of Holiday Buyer's Guides, and the annoyance of Xbox Live jackholes. Plus, Shawn spreads more COH: Opposing Fronts love, and Jeff breaks up with The Witcher. Extra special mad props...
The GFW Radio crew gives thanks for the Internet by chatting more about The Witcher, the World of WarCraft 2.3 patch, the political agenda of Blacksite: Area 51, and what playing Rock Band says about your character -- plus, Shawn reveals his secret online alter-ego. Length: 1:15:14
In honor of the fact that there are, like, a zillion PC games to play right now, the GFW Radio crew spends two hours actually talking about them! Seriously. Just PC games. Hellgate: London, Crysis, Call of Duty 4, the new Sam & Max, The Witcher, and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. OK, so the last one's not a PC game, but really, it's just as good. Also: We gaze astonished at Ryan, who has 14 consoles connected to his television but has never played Diablo II. Length: 2:06:45
On the downside, we're late again. On the upside, we have a special guest again! And it's Crispin Boyer from EGM! Wowie! Yay! Join the gang as they discuss a whole gaggle of exciting topics, such as Halloween hijinks, Bruce Springfield, Crispin's early life of crime, one naughty listener's drug solicitation, and a very special Ryan Scott Meltdown over his hatred of comic book scribe Mark Millar. Oh yeah, there's some game talk in here, too, somewhere. We think. We blame the Halloween candy. -...
Better late than never? Or should we just shut up? You be the judge, as GFW Radio presents a very special Thursday podcast because we couldn't get our act together to do it on time. Nevertheless, we are here now, and we are discussing such on-topic items as Left 4 Dead, Unreal Tournament 3, and Gears of War for the PC. Have no fear, though! We also discuss more crucial issues such as: Ryan's weight, Spider-Man retconning, and Shawn Elliott's fancy new t-shirt! Length: 1:33:48
It's a shootylicious, shooteriffic shootacular this week, as the GFW crew, joined by Semi-Official (except for the butt tattoo) Sixth Chair Robert Ashley, play and pontificate about all the latest PC shooters, including the UT3 and COD4 demos, both of which should really suck less. Also, Jeff shares a dream, Robert Ashley fends off angry Texans, and Whiskey Nerd drops more old-ass science. Download now, chumps! Length: 1:49:53
OH MY GOD ORANGE BOX IS ALMOST OUT AND WE ARE SO EXCITED! Okay, maybe we're not that excited. But we do spend some time with Shawn Elliott's TF2 Tips for the Dumb and Clueless, and ponder the the importance of being a medic. Also, impressions of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, nothing on World in Conflict yet again because Sierra is lame about sending us copies, and the usual pointless ruminations on a variety of vaguely offensive topics. Also: Jeff confesses his love for Ugly Betty....
Yes, we're two days late, but don't complain, because this might be our best podcast in at least a week! Heroes of the Web. Whiskey Nerd. Robert Ashley. Orange Box. More Orange Box. Crysis. Orange Box. Opening skit produced by the extraordinary ZootedGranny. And the world premiere of America's next great singalong anthem, "Tunnel Full of D---s". Length: 1:31:28
Who lives to serve you? Why, yes, it is in fact GFW Radio, who are bringing you this extra-special legendary collector's edition game-of-the-year second podcast of the week, all for the low price of absolutely nothing! Joining us live in the studio is Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli, who answers our 8 zillion questions about Crysis and also educates us on other matters, such as why Europeans prefer boobs over guns, to which we say: WTF? Length: 1:26:51
Determined to stay completely on topic this week, the GFW crew gets off to a rousing start with a discussion of miniature golf. This is followed by a perusal of a Top 25 Bestselling Games of All Time list, a philosophical discussion on the subject of "exclusive reviews", some hands-on impressions of Team Fortress 2 and Call of Duty 4 multiplayer (for Xbox), and Ryan's Weekly Guild Wars Rant. It's like food for your mind. Really stale, rancid food! Bon appetit! Length: 1:26:27
International man of mystery Robert Ashley joins the regular crew for some insanity especial. Topics include (but are not limited to) BioShock (yes, again), Soren Johnson's treatise on how not to design a game, and the Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts beta. Plus, expand your vocabulary with Shawn Elliott, and a special bonus discussion of why TV game shows today are, like, totally lame. Length: 1:30:22
SPOILER WARNING: At the 1:06:53 mark of this week's show, it's all BioShock spoilers until the end, as Shawn and Sean discuss their favorite moments, share thoughts on the ending, and use words like "agency" and "objectivist" without laughing. You've been warned (and you'll get plenty of warning in the podcast itself, too). There's plenty of non-spoiler talk about other games before then, including Shawn's thoughts on Medal of Honor: Airborne, Ryan's adventures in the Guild...
Just because BioShock is out and everyone and their smelly ol' grandma is playing it doesn't mean we have to blather on about it like everyone else. Okay, except maybe a little. But we don't spoil anything. And we can't run it on our PCs anyway. Meanwhile, Shawn Elliott regales us with exciting new infotainment about Half Life 2: Episode 2 and Team Fortress 2, and regular GFW Robert Ashley joins in to share some horrific and lollerific stories about life on the road as a roving games...
The GFW editors return from QuakeCon and BlizzCon and share their impressions with you, the people. Okay, they returned awhile ago, and it's all old news, but since they don't stay on topic anyway it hardly matters, does it? So shut up. Also this week: raging BioShock lust, endless LucasArts adventure game love, and the Worst Adventure Game Puzzle of All Time. But where's Shawn Elliott? Still away at summer sewing camp. Length: 1:26:46
Start with one cranky editor-in-chief. Stir in four additional editors of equally foul temperment. Add broken recording equipment, and then let fester in stuffy room for one hour. Sprinkle lightly with Heroes of the Web, Tabula Rasa beta talk, and random musings about Lost. Serve cold with Cheetos and Mountain Dew. Length: 1:04:08
The flame war between Fallout fans and GFW Radio host Jeff Green continues to rage on this week's podcast. Plus: We criticize a critical New York Times article about game criticism, Ryan Scott is immune to the magic of Harry Potter (no spoilers, don't worry, it was recorded before the book came out), and how horror games can stretch the definition of "fun." Length: 1:04:34
The GFW editors are back from E3--everyone except Ryan, that is, since he was stuck at the office the whole time, like Cinderella, sweeping the floors and singing with mice. Join us for this post-E3 info-dump, wherein we discuss all the games we liked and, like, totally can't wait to play. Also this week: the scary wrath of Fallout "fans", how to win and keep the love of (and score with!) your Digimon, and a Dutch fan's GFW techno remix. Entertainment rarely gets more entertaining...
It's the eve of this great nation's birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to spend an hour or so with the foul-mouthed, angry, mean-spirited slobs of GFW, who have nothing good to say about anyone! We kid. Actually, there's a whole lotta love this week, as we share happy thoughts about the Quake Wars beta, Fallout 3, Insurgency, Threadspace: Hyperbol, and more. All this plus Heroes of the Web, Ralphie as Stan, and the soothing sound of Ryan chewing on Welch's Gummy Snacks! Length:...